033.1132/13a: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Chargé in Argentina ( Wadsworth )


118. The Secretary of State, representing the Government of the United States, will go to Rio de Janeiro and Montevideo to return the official visits of President Pessoa and President Brum. The Secretary will make the trip in November and will arrive in Montevideo probably toward the end of the month. In view of the proximity of that city to Buenos Aires, the Secretary has been urged to include in his trip a visit to Argentina.

You will call upon the Minister of Foreign Affairs and inform him confidentially of the Secretary’s plans. The short distance between Buenos Aires and Montevideo would make possible before the Secretary turns homeward a brief visit to Buenos Aires that would [Page 230] be a welcome opportunity to emphasize the exceptionally friendly sentiments felt by this Government for the Government of Argentina. The unmistakable concurrence of the Argentine Government together with the extension of an invitation to the Secretary to visit Buenos Aires following his visit to Uruguay is, of course, presupposed. It goes without saying that the Secretary would be glad to avail himself of such an opportunity as would thus be afforded to visit Argentina and to meet the officials of the Government and the men in public life whose guidance has enabled the Republic to attain the eminent position it holds among the nations of the world.

Cable the result of your interview as soon as possible; also request that no announcement be made of the Secretary’s intention to visit Uruguay [Argentina?] before its publication here.