033.1132/13b: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Minister in Uruguay ( Jeffery )

44. The President has directed the Secretary of State to visit Uruguay as the representative of the Government of the United States to return the visit here of President Brum. The Secretary will first make an official visit to Brazil and will proceed from there to Montevideo. It is important, because of the matters requiring the Secretary’s presence in the United States before the beginning of the new year, that arrangements be made for the visit to take place during the month of November.

Please inform President Brum of the designation of the Secretary of State to repay the President’s visit to this country, and state that the Secretary welcomes the opportunity of visiting Uruguay and of meeting the President, the members of his administration, and the public men under whose guidance Uruguay has attained such a notable position among the nations of the world. The Secretary believes that the mutual understanding which will thereby ensue will make still closer the relations of true friendship existing between the two nations.

Ascertain whether the visit of the Secretary of State at the time indicated would be agreeable to the Government of Uruguay.

Cable reply at earliest opportunity, and request that visit be kept strictly confidential until publication here.