574.D1/37: Telegram

The Ambassador in Great Britain ( Davis ) to the Secretary of State

737. Your 360, April 8, 5 p.m.90 In a note received today British Government accept invitation to Preliminary Conference on Communications on August 1st next and promise to communicate later names of delegates. It is suggested however that decision as to date and place of World Conference be postponed until preliminary meeting, reasons assigned are that interval between August and November may not be sufficiently long to ensure consultation with Dominion Governments and necessary communications between Allied Governments; also that next international telegraphic conference had been fixed before the war to take place at Paris, that British Government while prepared to agree either to Paris or Washington would prefer to allow the French an opportunity to discuss this point at Preliminary Conference.

To facilitate labors of [delegates] and prevent continual reference of questions to their respective Governments the British Government request that they may be furnished at an early date with some outline of the proposals which the United States Government have in mind.

Text of note goes forward by next pouch.91

  1. Not printed; see note of Apr. 8 to the British Chargé, p. 116.
  2. Not printed.