862.73/88: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in France ( Wallace )

869. For Boyden: Your B-44, 1050, April 24, 4 p.m. Dutch claims to cables connecting Island of Yap.

A preliminary conference of the principal Allied and Associated Powers is called at Washington on August 1st to discuss world conference and prepare agenda. World conference contemplated for November 15, 1920, to consider all aspects of international cable, telephone and wireless communication with view of providing world with adequate facilities on fair and equitable basis. Invitations have been sent to all countries except Germany, Austria, Hungary, Turkey and Costa Rica.88
A memorandum of Dutch claims has been presented to the Department. Although the Reparation Commission probably has jurisdiction to adjudicate these claims, we believe it very important that matter be left for consideration by the August conference. Reparation Commission is hardly qualified to consider the adjudication of more than controversy between Holland and Japan. Conference in August on the other hand can consider matter broadly and make recommendations to the respective governments with idea to secure world interests including those of the United States.
Willingness of Netherland Government that this business be left to the conference is indicated by Dutch Minister. This in confidence for your information.89
  1. See circular telegram of Mar. 30, p. 116.
  2. The final paragraph paraphrased.