893.51/2117½: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Chargé in Japan (MacMurray)

From reliable sources it has been learned that the activities of the Japanese in connection with the loan made to China through the War Participation Bureau and Tuan Chi Jui, under which approximately twenty million dollars was contracted for and three million paid on account, may possibly lead to the establishment of additional armed forces of three divisions and three brigades. This Government views such an addition to the military forces of China with considerable alarm and apprehension, for it can only be used in the interest of the military authorities of the North to overcome the objections of the South, and to nullify the beneficent results which are being hoped for from the reconciliation conference now in session.

You are instructed to take some opportunity to enter into friendly conversation with the Minister of Foreign Affairs and to express the hope of this Government that these rumors are unfounded, and to say that we hope the Government of Japan will use its influence to prevent any activity on the part of her agents or subjects from instigating and aiding a loan to China, or to any division of the Chinese Government, or to any parties in China which would be of possible use for the establishment and maintenance of such a military force, particularly at this unpropitious time. You may also say that the Government of the United States feels that such an act on the part of China might result in the division of Government in China, which would be contrary to the desires of all the Powers which have at heart the friendly interests of China, among which we confidently count Japan.

You will please transmit the substance of the above to Mr. Morris18 for his confidential information, and if there is any admission on the part of the Japanese authorities of the truth of the facts herein suggested you may cable them to Peking for their information as originating from you and advise Department.

  1. Roland S. Morris, Ambassador in Japan.