The Consul General at Shanghai ( Sammons ) to the Minister in China ( Reinsch )16

No. 2636

Sir: I have the honor to enclose herewith a self-explanatory bulletin, as issued by the so-called Constitutional Government of China, containing a further statement by Mr. Tong Shao-yi, as telegraphed to the President of China, …

I have [etc.]

Thomas Sammons

Bulletin No. 4 of the Intelligence Bureau of the Constitutional Government of China

Mr. Tong Shao-Yi, Chief Delegate of the Constitutional Government of China to the Domestic Peace Conference, has addressed the following telegram to Mr. Hsu Shih-chang, Peking:

In view of the progress being made in the Peace negotiations that are attracting attention at home and abroad, a satisfactory result will be rendered impossible unless the two most imminently embarrassing obstacles now confronting us be at once removed.

The resumption of military operations in Shensi has been the subject of a series of telegrams to you, which should have been followed by peremptory orders from you to the Northern forces to cease fighting forthwith. This latter object however cannot be attained by the mere reiteration of empty phrases clamoring for peace. I, therefore, respectfully request that the modus operandi suggested in General Li’s telegram of the 6th instant be immediately carried out.17 But if hostilities be permitted to continue, those responsible for the inconsistency and breach of faith shall have to bear the blame.

Preparations for war with commitments for military loans and the despatch of fresh supplies of arms are persisted in while the North asserts a sincere desire for peace. This state of things is as surprising as it is deplorable. Requests have been repeatedly made for the issuance of a general order from you prohibiting the importation of munitions of war from Japan and directing the return thereto of such as have already reached China, in order to strike at the root of the evil.

These two matters are of the gravest import and your immediate action dealing with them is respectfully urged.

  1. Copy forwarded to the Department by the Consul General under covering letter of same date; received Apr. 1.
  2. See supra.