The Consul General at Shanghai ( Sammons ) to the Minister in China ( Reinsch )19

No. 2687

Sir: I have the honor to record that the Internal Peace Conference of China opened here, on yesterday, in the former German Club, the delegations being as follows—

  • For the North: Chu Chi-chien, Wu Ting-chang, Wang Ko-ming, Sze Yu, Fan Chu, Wang Yu-ling, Liu Un-kou, Li Kuo-tseng, Kiang Shao-chi, and Hsu Fu-su.
  • For the South: Tong Shao-yi, Tsang Chi-chao, Hu Han-ming Mao Chia-so, Tseng Yen, Kuo Tsung-sung, Liu Kuang-lieh, Wang Pah-chung, Peng Yung-yi, Yao Ming-luan, and Li Shi-yin.

The initial session opened at 9:00 o’clock in the morning, and it is proposed to adhere to early morning activities during future sessions.

Further, as a matter of record, there is enclosed herewith the speeches made by the chief delegates for the North and for the South, and other data relative to the conference, the same having appeared in today’s issue of the Shanghai Times 20 (accepted as being pro-Japanese in its policies). This newspaper’s account of the opening session is more connected and more convenient for filing, as a matter of record, than the accounts appearing in the other newspapers.

I have [etc.]

Thomas Sammons
  1. Copy forwarded to the Department by the Consul General under covering letter of same date; received Apr. 1.
  2. Enclosure not printed.