1. The papers included in this section cover only the period following the signature of the treaty with Germany and President Wilson’s departure from Paris. Temporary missions of investigation, etc., dispatched by the Conference are disregarded.

    The files of the Peace Commission have been used to supply bracketed corrections wherever telegrams from the Commission have been received in a garbled condition.

  2. For the proceedings of this Conference, see International Labor Conference, First Annual Meeting, October 29, 1919–November 29, 1919, Washington, Government Printing Office, 1920.
  3. For the proceedings of this Conference, see Report of the Secretary of the Treasury to the President on the Second Pan American Financial Conference at Washington, January 19–24, 1920, Washington, Government Printing Office, 1921.
  4. Conventions which followed the terms of the draft here printed, were signed with the Governments of Guatemala, Haiti, Panama, and Paraguay, and a convention in similar terms with Ecuador; but none of these conventions was ratified by the United States.
  5. Conventions in terms similar to the one with Uruguay here printed were concluded with the following countries on the dates indicated:
    Signed Proclaimed
    Guatemala Dec. 3, 1918 Aug. 27, 1919
    Panama Feb. 8, 1919 Dec. 10, 1919
    Venezuela July 3, 1919 Oct. 15, 1920
    Salvador Jan. 28, 1919 Jan. 22, 1921
    Paraguay Oct. 20, 1919 Apr. 28, 1922
    Costa Rica Mar. 31, 1924 June 26, 1924
    Peru Jan. 19, 1923 July 18, 1924
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