600.119/1804: Telegram

The Chargé in Great Britain ( Laughlin ) to the Acting Secretary of State

4549. War Trade Board [from Sheldon]: Number 2067. Your 1822, Department’s 3367, December 10. A.B.C. yesterday agreed to approve resumption of trade with (1) Alsace-Lorraine, (2) Trieste, (3) Trentino, as soon as definite advices are received concerning decrees now being issued by French and Italian Governments covering respective territories. The question of (4) Luxembourg is under consideration but no trade facilities are to be granted pending further examination of subject. With regard to (5) Roumania, action is deferred until replies are received from enquiries now being taken up with Roumanian Government as to status of enemy trade interests and organization of governmental trade control. A similar enquiry is now under way with respect to (6) Serbia, pending receipt of which [Page 754] no action will be taken. Immediate resumption of trade with (7) Syria, and (8) Palestine was approved by the A.B.C. who suggest that the necessary proclamations be issued by the Associated Governments forthwith. With respect to (9) Bulgaria, and (10) Turkey proper, no resumption whatsoever is under consideration. Will report to you as soon as advices are received concerning decrees covering trade with Alsace-Lorraine, Trieste and Trentino.