763.72112/11002: Telegram

The Chargé in Great Britain ( Laughlin ) to the Acting Secretary of State

4513. War Trade Board [from Frothingham]: No. 2056. Fuller. Your 1813 December 10th, Department’s 3358. Does opinion expressed [Page 753] represent War Trade Board’s considered views with respect to neutral Europe or does it apply specifically to a no-relaxation policy for Latin American countries as decided by delegates on the Washington Conference with full regard for the political situation with the respective Northern Neutral countries.[?] It is the opinion of the London Conference that names of bona fide neutral firms on stat. list in Scandinavia and Holland should now be withdrawn and transferred to G.B.L. and that with respect to the older weaker [cases?] and particularly the contraband cases on confidential list, removals should be made as expeditiously as possible. The one basic argument of the British Government with respect to the maintenance of confidential black list for Northern Neutral countries has been that the object of such a list was to prevent movement of any Allied goods to Germany and conversely of German goods outward from these countries. It is felt that to attempt to continue the Northern Neutral confidential black list in full force under the present conditions will place the Associated Governments in a position difficult to defend with particular respect to these [the] above contraband argument which has been the basis of maintaining confidential black list in Scandinavia and Holland. Whether such considerations apply to Latin America is felt to be entirely within the competence and decision of the Washington Conference. Frothingham.