The Food Administrator ( Hoover ) to President Wilson

Dear Mr. President: Please find enclosed herewith a telegram which I am despatching to Mr. Cotton1 in respect to the proposals for the world’s food and shipping supplies to be vested in the Inter-Allied Food Council and the Inter-Allied Maritime Council.

I believe this cable is in accord with the conclusions of our conference yesterday and I am wondering if you could see your way to despatch this same telegram to Colonel House, informing him that it has been sent to Mr. Cotton by myself and that it is with your authorization and, furthermore, if you could state to Colonel House that I will be leaving within the next few days for Paris and that no arrangements looking forward to the handling of food for liberated populations should be undertaken until after my arrival and consultation with him.2

Yours faithfully,

Herbert Hoover
  1. J. P. Cotton, in London, member of the Food Administration.
  2. For the text of the telegram as sent, see Foreign Relations, 1918, supp. 1, vol. i, p. 616.