Paris Peace Conf. 185.001/24: Telegram

The Minister in Norway ( Schmedeman ) to the Commission to Negotiate Peace

9. Following telegram sent Department:

“French Legation here sent to the local press a communiqué published yesterday calling attention to the fact that by supplementary clauses to the agreement for extension of the armistice signed at Trèves, December 14th [13th] last, Germany bound herself not to transfer or permit the transfer abroad by German citizens of any kind of property or securities belonging either to the State or German citizens without formal permission of the Allies represented by a special delegate. In consequence thereof the Norwegian public is warned that the Allies will regard as null and void all transactions concluded since this agreement was made pertaining to property, securities, mortgages and all sort of values belonging to Germany or German citizens. The same restrictions are announced as applying to property or securities et cetera belonging to the former Austrian Empire or Kingdom of Hungary or citizens of these States.

Does the Department desire me to make a similar announcement to the Foreign Office? Ammission advised; repeated London.”