033.1140/161: Telegram

The Commission to Negotiate Peace to the Acting Secretary of State

233. For Rathbone from Davis.

Conference for renewal of armistice will take place at Spa on 14th and last for two or three days. A conference will also be held and continued at Mayence near Spa with representatives of German Treasury and Imperial Bank for purpose, as I understand, of obtaining information regarding: (a) German securities and credits outside Germany, (b) internal financial condition and Germany’s ability to pay indemnity, (c) compliance with financial conditions of armistice; and (d) possibly for recommending method of obtaining payment for food sold to Germany. It was for this latter conference that French Government especially recommended appointment of American delegate, but as we have not had a representative on Armistice Commission our Peace Commission now considers it very important for you to be represented here.
I will leave Monday for Spa and Mayence but as it will be necessary for me to remain [return] here within a few days to attend meetings of Relief Council and as Peace Commission also desires my presence here, I am, at suggestion of Peace Commission, taking Goodhue with me in order that he may remain at Mayence for above purpose [and report] to me from time to time for instructions. If this does not meet with Secretary’s approval please advise me immediately.
The President has in accordance with the Secretary’s recommendation appointed me Commissioner. Please send cables for me through State Department to American Mission.
Am[erican] Mission