763.72119/3465b: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in France ( Sharp )

6808. For Davis from Glass.

  • First: Col. House having suggested your appointment as Commissioner in connection with armistice discussions at Spa I have recommended to the President your appointment as such. I regard this as a most important mission upon which must necessarily depend many of the important matters which will have to be determined at the Peace Conference, and I hope you will find it possible to accept the appointment. I regret not being personally acquainted with you but what I have been told about you by Leffingwell and Rathbone, who are to continue their positions in the Treasury, and by others has convinced me that you are admirably qualified to perform these important duties with advantage to our country and credit to the Treasury.
  • Second: I have advised the President that so far as your time is not occupied by such special mission you will be available to furnish such general financial and economic advice as he may desire regarding questions which may arise not directly touching our foreign loans.
  • Third: I regard it as important that all questions regarding our foreign loans be discussed and settled in Washington. These questions include making of further loans, conversion of demand obligations, dates of maturity, interest rate and special provisions of long time obligations received by us in exchange and claims of one government against another for dollar reimbursement.
  • Fourth: I shall expect you to keep me fully informed and I will give you instructions from time to time as may be necessary.