763.72119/3163: Telegram

The Commission to Negotiate Peace to the Acting Secretary of State

82. For Secretary Glass from Edward House. The Commanding General S. O. S. has received telegram from General Rhodes, our representative on the Armistice Commission at Spa, substantially to the effect that:

“The French financial representatives recommend that a specially qualified commissioner from each of the Allied Governments be appointed immediately to take up with a commission, representing the German Treasury and the Imperial Bank, questions of the general financial conditions in Germany, with the special reference to retiring German marks and controlling exportation of German securities. The Financial Committee of the Armistice Commission recommend that, in view of our probable food supplies to Germany, our Government should get in touch with the French Government at once, that one of our most prominent and best qualified financiers be selected to sit with the eminent representatives already chosen by the French, German and Belgian Governments and states that the British Government is about to take similar action.”

In addition [to] the above questions, it will probably be necessary to determine what expenses of our Army of Occupation are to be met by Germany and to make arrangements regarding same. The above was submitted to the President who said he thought it desirable to take such action and that he took for granted that the representative of the Treasury, whom we are hoping you will appoint, may himself represent us in these important conferences.

I recommend for this mission Norman Davis. It is unfortunate that you and Davis are not acquainted for in addition to the above questions and the work he is looking after, there are constantly arising matters with which he is conversant and can be most useful.

Am[erican] Mission