Paris Peace Conf. 840.48/4: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Commission to Negotiate Peace

61. For Secretary of State. Your 43 through the Navy Department from Hoover.32

As both Mr. Davison33 and Mr. Gibson are in Paris suggest subject be discussed with them there. Red Cross War Council here is of the! opinion apparently that while they can act as agent and assist in distribution the question of supplies both as regards food and clothing is beyond the scope of their proper activities.

The Department is of the opinion that the question of Russian prisoners of war who have fought against the Central Powers and are now destitute, is one which requires the concerted action of the representatives of the Associated Governments at Paris either through the War Council or such organizations as may be in process of establishment by Mr. Hoover. The difficulty of funds for any such undertaking is one which perhaps you will wish to bring to the attention of the President with a view to possible action by Congress.

  1. Telegram of Dec. 25, 1918, from the Food Administrator to the Acting Secretary of State, p. 478.
  2. Henry P. Davison, Chairman of the War Council of the American Red Cross.