Paris Peace Conf. 861.77/4: Telegram

The Commission to Negotiate Peace to the Acting Secretary of State

131. [From Lansing.] Your 92, December 21st, 9 p.m.31 This was called to the President’s particular attention before his departure for England. He is due back tonight and I hope to be able to take up the Siberian Railway Situation with him tomorrow before his departure to Rome.

Referring to your number 11 of December 28th [27th] and subsequent telegrams on the same subject, please realize that in addition to the absence of the President I am also handicapped by the fact that we have not as yet met the British and the French Commissioners and that no conferences have been held up to the present time. In view of the urgency of the matter and the impossibility of obtaining any action here, I would suggest that you continue to use the regular channels for presenting the matter to the Governments concerned. Lansing.

Am[erican] Mission
  1. Post, p. 517.