The Belgian Minister ( Cartier ) to the Secretary of State

My Dear Mr. Secretary: I beg to inform you that the Minister of State of the Grand Duchy of Luxemburg has requested the intervention of the Belgian Government to obtain the evacuation of the Grand Duchy by the Germans.

The Minister for Foreign Affairs of Belgium has replied that the Belgian Government had, since the beginning of October, spontaneously approached the Allies with the view to securing such evacuation.

Furthermore, Mr. Lefort, the Chargé d’Affaires of Luxemburg at Berne, has requested through the Belgian Minister to Switzerland, the aid of Belgium for the revictualing of the Grand Duchy.

To which request the Belgian Government responded that it had already taken the necessary steps in that matter and had also instructed the Belgian Minister at Washington to endeavor to obtain that the measures taken by the Government of the United States for the revictualing of Belgium be extended to the Grand Duchy of Luxemburg.

The Chargé d’Affaires of Luxemburg at Berne told the Secretary of the “Union économique Belgo-Suisse”, that the Government of the Grand Duchy is preparing to withdraw Luxemburg from the German Customs Union with the view to forming an economic Union with Belgium.

The Minister of State of Luxemburg has also enquired from the Belgian Minister for Foreign Affairs as to the intentions of the Belgian Government concerning the appointment of a successor to the late Belgian representative to the Grand Duchy, who died recently.

Recent articles published in the Luxemburg newspapers even now under the German occupation, indicate the evident desire of the people of the Grand Duchy for a closer bond with Belgium in the future.

This information confirms the trend noticed of late in the new orientation of the Government of Luxemburg which, no doubt under the pressure of recent events, is endeavoring to effect a change of front more in harmony with the feeling of the people.

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Under these circumstances, the Belgian Government would be grateful if the Government of the United States would be good enough to take into account the above facts and the present policy of Belgium towards Luxemburg in the event that the Government of the United States or its representatives abroad should be again approached on matters pertaining to Luxemburg.

I remain [etc.]

E. de Cartier