Paris Peace Conf. 860c.00/13: Telegram

The Chargé in Denmark ( Osborne ) to the Commission to Negotiate Peace

70. Following written undated message received through British Legation addressed to Colonel House, Paris, signed Paderewski:

“Situation most critical. Bolshevist invasion of former Polish territories still in progress. Thousands of people tortured, murdered, many [Page 425] buried alive. Vilna, Minsk, even Grodno menaced. Huge population in danger of extermination. Invading army daily increased by prisoners of war returning from Germany. Starving veterans are fed by Bolshevists provided they join the ranks. Poland in assisting present Partisan Government, too weak to organize any resistance; human material still considerable but no arms, equipment, munitions. Disaster imminent. At this tragic hour my country appeals to her best, most generous friend asking for help, for salvation. 50,000 Americans, one division of French and one of British troops if sent immediately with necessary material for a large Polish army will certainly stop further progress of this barbarous movement. If action is delayed our entire civilization may cease to exist. The war may result in establishment of barbarism all over Europe.”