Paris Peace Conf. 860c.20/1: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Commission to Negotiate Peace

81. For Secretary of State. Sec[retary] of War calls my attention to the fact that Polish troops are being enlisted in this country with the knowledge and consent of the War Department. This arrangement had also the approval of the Department. In view of the fact that the Poles are apparently beginning hostilities against the friendly nations,12 the Secretary believes the time has now come to refuse to permit any further enlistment in this country for foreign governments, particularly the new governments as he believes that the troops may be used to enforce by arms claims of these new governments. Please take the matter up with the President and ask him to be good enough to instruct the Secretary of War as to the course he shall pursue.

  1. For correct reading of this passage as sent, see the Department’s telegram No. 236, Jan. 15, 1919, 1 p.m., p. 431.