The Secretary of State to President Wilson

My Dear Mr. President: I enclose two radiograms which have been received—one addressed to the Governments of the four Powers1 and the other to you personally.

Faithfully yours,

[File copy not signed]

General Pilsudski to President Wilson

In the name of the Polish Army under my Chief Command I beg you, Mr. President, kindly to consent to letting the Polish military formations now under the American flag be sent at the earliest possible date to Poland and incorporated in the Polish Army henceforth united under my command. The Polish Nation which was so long subjected to occupation of the country by foreign troops is now preparing in the greatest enthusiasm to welcome to the native land the sons of the Motherland scattered the world over. It appeals to all the soldiers of Polish birth who have fought under foreign flags. Your consent, Mr. President, whom Poland regards as its foremost protection, will be taken by the whole nation as one more proof of your interest in and good will to the Polish cause.

  1. This radiogram is a translation of part of note received through the Swiss Minister, Nov. 26, 1918, ante, p. 34 (763.72119/2811).