860c.01/168: Telegram

The Chargé in the Netherlands ( Bliss ) to the Secretary of State

5208. Following statement received from Wlodeck, unofficial representative of Polish Government in Holland, who is in communication with Pilsudski to whom counsel [council?] of Regency has [apparent omission] entire formation of coalition government. Poland must introduce political and social reforms of great importance which will change the life of the country and offset influence of Russian Bolsheviks and German revolution; that these reforms when introduced by a well and strongly organized Government can be effected quietly and bring great prosperity to the country but by a weak government fraught with internal and foreign difficulties can only result in anarchy and destruction of the social order and culture of the country; that it would, therefore, be to the interest of the Associated Governments to [apparent omission] and aid that government in Poland which can guarantee the maintenance of order. It is therefore necessary that the republican government now being formed should as soon as definitely constituted be recognized by the United States and the Allies and receive their economic and moral support. It is not sufficient for the United States and the Allies merely to be in relation with the Polish institution’s committees abroad which represent only one political party of Poland. The moral and economic support which the Polish Government would receive in entering relations with the United States of America would give it greater strength than the assistance of soldiers of the Associated Governments who might be in Poland. Every intervention in the internal affairs of the country, as for instance the question of the alleged maltreatment of Jews in Poland, which has recently been unjustly raised, injures the order established in Poland as well as the friendly relations between the new Polish states and the United States of America. The government which is now being formed in Poland should be composed of moderate democratic elements, that is of the national moderate socialists, of whom Ignace Baszynski is the President, and the united parties of peasants of former Russian and Austrian Poland.