Paris Peace Conf. 186.3312/36

The Minister in Roumania ( Vopicka ) to the Secretary of State

Sir: To-day the Prime Minister called a meeting of the Entente Ministers and myself, and stated that he is dissatisfied with the treatment which he is receiving from the Entente Powers. He impressed upon the Entente Ministers that his country is entitled to the whole Banat and Dobrogea in accordance with the contract which he signed with the allies and which has not been broken by him, and he wanted them to notify him whether they will keep this agreement or not. He called me to the meeting for the purpose of hearing the opinion of my country. I told him that my Government had not expressed any opinion, but that my opinion was that the whole question will be settled by the Peace Commission, and that all the Allies should be in favor of establishing a permanent peace in Europe on the nationality [Page 405] basis, and should not let a small piece of land here or there hinder them.

The Entente Ministers sent a telegram urging their Governments to give the whole of the Banat to Roumania as per their agreement, also the whole of Dobrogea, and indirectly attacked in their telegram Mr. Take Ionescu, who is at present in Paris.

I have [etc.]

Charles J. Vopicka