Robert Lansing Papers

The French Ambassador to the United States ( Jusserand ) to the Secretary of State

My Dear Mr. Secretary: As you are doubtless aware, the Moniteur Officiel of Roumania has published, on Dec. 26, a decree uniting Transylvania and the Banat to Roumania.

This has, in the eyes of my Govt no consequence one way or the other from the International point of view, for such annexations cannot be consecrated by Roumania alone, but by the general Treaty of Peace.

My Govt consider that, to prevent all misunderstandings, it wd be appropriate that the French, Amn, British and Italian Govts prescribe to their representatives in Bucharest to express themselves in this way and remind the Roumanian Govt that the Congress of peace can alone decide, and will do so, taking into acct the gal situation and the wishes of the population.

My Govt would be very grateful if you agreed to send to your Representative in Bucharest instructions to that effect, asking him to act in agreement with his three colleagues.

It wd seem appropriate also that, through the representatives of the same countries in Belgrade the Serbian Govt be informally made aware of our point of view.

Believe me [etc.]