763.72/12306: Telegram

The Ambassador in France ( Sharp ) to the Secretary of State

5923. Following joint telegram from Allied Ministers dated Jassy, November 10th received by French Foreign Office on 18th:

“As soon as the French Minister informed us that the Allied armies had reached our territory and that the commander believing that the necessary conditions for our reentry into action were realized asked our cooperation, His Majesty then decreed the mobilization of the Roumanian army and demanded within 24 hours the capitulation of the German troops in Wallachia. Roumania acted thus in conformity with the treaty of August 4/17, 1916, which binds her to her Allies. She considered herself bound to act without a moment’s delay as soon as the disastrous consequences of the disappearance of the Russian armies could be obliterated by the presence of an Allied army on the frontiers of the Kingdom. Faithful to our engagements we are proud and happy again to be able to find ourselves at the side of your glorious armies in the struggle for the triumph of the great cause for which the Allies and ourselves have already shed so much blood and willingly suffered proportion [ately] great trials. The King as a matter of fact immediately responded to the appeal of General Berthelot10 without [Page 390] hesitation and without awaiting the news which has still not reached us today that the Allied troops have crossed the Danube. He did not ask us either for a confirmation of our engagements before taking his decision. We confirm that in Roumania[’s] present state of misery and destitution the utility of mobilization is especially [apparent omission] on account of the moral effect. But as soon as the Allies are in a position to assist her she could furnish important and excellent results which would greatly facilitate the action of the Allies in the efforts for the common cause.”

  1. French officer in command of an Allied army on the Roumanian front.