The Roumanian Chargé ( Lahovary ) to the Secretary of State

No. 1102

Mr. Secretary: By order of my Government I have the honor to communicate to your Excellency the following cablegram dated [Page 389] October 28/November 10, signed by the new President of the Council, the General Aide de Camp Coanda, which I have just received.

“Contrary to assurances given, the Central Powers have increased their contingents of troops in Roumania and have also erected new fortifications, which has had the effect of causing the Allied Armies to concentrate their forces along the Danube and to bombard towns in Roumania where the German Commander had purposely erected batteries. Although the German Commander was fully aware that the Armistice concluded by Austria-Hungary only left fifteen days for the evacuation of German troops, he has not taken the necessary steps for the evacuation of Roumania during that time. Necessarily this will have the effect of an Allied offensive being carried on in Roumanian territory. In order to prevent Roumania from once more becoming a field of battle, a delay of 24 hours was allowed, terminating this evening at nine o’clock, for the Germans to evacuate national ground, and this period passed, they were to lay down their arms and abstain from any kind of violence or destruction, for which the German Government would be held responsible. The German Commander has been notified that in the event he refused to comply, Roumania would be obliged to employ force in order to carry out this order.

For the mobilization of the Royal army all classes will be called upon commencing with the 1914 class.”

I take [etc.]