763.72119/2638: Telegram

The Ambassador in Italy ( Page ) to the Secretary of State

2355. Some Italian correspondents from the front claim that Austro-Hungarian military representatives trying to give peculiar and restrictive interpretation certain claimed for [clauses of?] armistice [with?] evasions and objections which eradicated [indicate?] diplomacy to be employed at Peace Conference. Already certain Italian conquests are held illegal by Austrians due to questioning moment hostilities suspended.

Dalmatian question assuming more importance daily and Italian feeling growing more intense. This is complex problem solution of which is not viewed calmly on either side. It appears Jugo Slavs are exercising police regulations over towns claimed by Italians.…4 It is pointed out that in the case of Italians territorial boundaries coincide with ethnical boundaries. Important fact cited is that Italian armies are welcomed in territory formerly occupied by Austrians because of liberal government they establish. Association Tyrolese Republic at Innsbruck welcomes near presence of Italian troops. This friendly acceptance of Italian military considered of practical importance in keeping order at this moment. Government making no attempt to conceal its encouragement of Italians in Dalmatia to treat with Italy. Delegation from Fiume brought forward at capitol yesterday message of greatest cordiality.

Nelson Page
  1. The deleted passage was so garbled as to be unintelligible.