763.72/12342: Telegram

The Minister in Greece ( Droppers ) to the Secretary of State

612. Forwarded at the request of Murphy. Trust I am complying with regulations of the Department in forwarding it.

“Number 187, 21st. Following yesterday’s telegram number 186. The Prime Minister replying note Chief Entente Mission said:

‘It is clear that the evacuation of Dobroudja does not figure in the conditions of the Convention of September 29 which conditions the Royal Government adheres to and has loyally fulfilled in all respects; proof of this is not lacking. Considering therefore the impossibility of fulfilling a new condition imposed [Page 244] contrary to the convention and not being able either to admit of the interpretation given to the Convention the Bulgarian Government has handed its resignation to the King.’

The King will hold resignation Cabinet in abeyance for some days. Large majority Parliament insist upon Cabinet remaining and are indignant violation terms armistice. People generally of same mind. Plainly speaking, French are intriguing overthrow Government, but if attempt succeeds, revolution inevitable. What must be done to save Bulgaria is to revoke order French Government directing Bulgarian troops leave Dobroudja and have freedom Entente and Americans come here investigate and make truthful report to Versailles. British Officers and Italian General here in accord with my views and already have telegraphed their Governments. French disturbing tranquility of the country by their intrigues and may bring about renewal of Bolshevikism order. Situation demands prompt action. Please advise President. Murphy.”