763.72/12326: Telegram

The Minister in Greece ( Droppers ) to the Secretary of State

610. The following from Murphy for Secretary of State:

“186, 20th. Yesterday afternoon Prime Minister was informed by General Chrétien, Chief Entente military mission Sofia, that ‘by order of French Government’ Bulgarian army must evacuate Dobrudja. Order violates armistice signed 29th September last, paragraph 2 of which provided for immediate demobilization of Bulgarian army except ‘three divisions of 16 battalions each, 4 regiments of cavalry, which will be employed, 2 divisions for the defence of the eastern frontier of Bulgaria and of the Dobrudja and 1 division to guard the railroads’. Cabinet immediately resigned, but King holds matter in abeyance. The order has created deplorable situation, for change of Government may lead to resuscitation Bolshevism. Cannot United States intervene and bring about revocation of order? Murphy.”