File No. 861.77/297

The Ambassador in Japan (Morris) to the Secretary of State


Stevens has returned to Yokohama. Reports a number of German agents active in eastern Siberia and fears further German influence. He is convinced that railroad contingent can be very helpful in organizing [Page 221] Chinese Eastern Railway and Trans-Siberian Railway as far as Irkutsk. He hopes Department will authorize him to proceed. He believes that if contingent should be recalled it would greatly discourage the Russian people as indicating intention of United States to abandon them. He states that Chinese Eastern is well policed by Chinese troops. He thinks any form of military occupation or intervention at this time would be unwarranted but suggests that a small force of loyal Russian soldiers might be easily organized and equipped to police Trans-Siberian Railway from Manchouli to Irkutsk provided funds could be obtained for them. Some such force, he believes, will be required to maintain order and to check growing German influence.