File No. 861.77/291

The Secretary of State to the Consul General at Yokohama (Scidmore)


For Stevens:

Your February 10. Your plan approved. Felton is arranging to cable $75,000 additional to $50,000 sent to Emerson last week. For your confidential information, amount of Russian funds available has proved very much less than $1,500,000 originally allocated. However, there appears to be sufficient for three or four months longer, by which time situation may have altered for the better sufficiently to release additional funds. In any event, you can rely upon Department’s guaranteeing salaries, so long as service lasts, and transportation and salaries for safe return to this country. Before you return with the men, please confer with American Ambassador at Tokyo, whom Department is instructing to advise you fully regarding the friendly attitude toward Russia which has been manifested consistently by this Government. Department congratulates you on difficulties you have overcome. Notify Ambassador at Petrograd when you arrive at Harbin.