File No. 861.77/291

The Chairman of the Advisory Commission of Railway Experts to Russia (Stevens) to the Secretary of State


Have succeeded getting the cooperation commissioner Provisional Government and railway officials. Conferred with some chairmen workers’ committees with satisfaction, same conference [sic] by other means. As a result shall move Emerson contingent to cover line Vladivostok-Irkutsk west later, exactly original plan. Acting as instructors, Baldwin men to erect engines Harbin pending installation Vladivostok plant. Believe quite safe. Now is the time to act. Cable Emerson $75,000 International Corp., Yokohama. He must purchase transportation, pay all living expenses contingent on work directly. May become necessary to furnish funds necessary railway supplies as formerly recommended. Also moderate [advocate?] lifting embargo Vladivostok. Japanese inquisitive. No sympathy [with] assistance from Americans. I have no doubt desire railway control. Joint intervention will require the greatest care to avoid entanglements here. Am going to Japan, leaving Harbin, to arrange details for the reception of men. I will return very soon and remain here. Feel we have accomplished all we hoped, delays were wise and unavoidable. If you disapprove my decision wish to say frankly I can do no more. Believe we have factors lined up as far as possibility insured success [sic]. Must have above funds before can move men. Cable me Yokohama. …