File No. 860d.00/310

The Consul at Helsingfors (Haynes) to the Secretary of State2


104. It is estimated that there are less than 5,000 German troops now in Finland. Continuous departures indicate complete withdrawal in the near future. Still believe that Finland will never have [Page 812] a king, as stated in my telegram No. 82 of September 3.1 Present government destined to fall and a more representative one will succeed, which will inaugurate republican reforms even at the expense of being charged with taking revenge on the present pro-German monarchists. There may be bloodshed, but not country-wide unless the present disaffection in the army increases. Indications are that winter will be tragic since all political disturbances are detrimental to economic peace and safety. The amount of internal trouble is liable to be greater should the German troops remain. It appears unlikely at present that their withdrawal will invite attack from Russia; if so, Entente might reverse the present situation against Germany by becoming friends of Finland in utilizing Murman forces to prevent Bolshevik aggression.

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