File No. 860d.00/43

The Minister in Sweden (Morris) to the Secretary of State


1656. Swedish press reports Finnish government at Vasa has issued proclamation containing following:

German landing Åland is made with assent of Finnish government as is transference their operations to Finnish mainland. Commander in chief of troops of Finnish republic has informed Finnish government that after being provided with arms we would have been able with our own resources to bring struggle to successful end but the numerous brutalities committed in southern Finland, lack of food among population, and daily arrival of large hosts of Bolsheviks, have induced government for welfare of the country to accept the hand of a powerful friend. Peace terms signed between Germany and Russia include a provision as to removal of Russian troops and Bolsheviks from Finland and it is evacuation of these that Germany wants to supervise, backed by troops now arriving in Finland. Germany does not permit Russian soldiers garbed like civilians to fight in Finland, thus insidiously circumventing Russo-German peace treaty.