File No. 861.00/3567

The Minister in Sweden (Morris) to the Secretary of State


3424. Prominent editor just from Kiev reports following: Skoropadski’s government fell without serious resistance. Hatred of [Page 706] peasants toward Germans and landlords account past persecutions tremendous. Petlyura, leader of nationalists, has 150,000 trained troops at least. German-Austrian troops are reported neutral and even cooperating. Agreement to that effect stated to exist. An understanding between Petlyura and Moscow is suspected and support of local Bolsheviks is certain. Petlyura’s program is for a coalition government from socialists, federalists to Bolsheviks. Bolsheviks not included but recognized as legal opposition. Denikin reported to have 120,000 troops. Krasnov’s Cossacks are tainted with Bolshevism. Dutov’s1 forces are considered reconstructed. The editor who is disturbed thinks Petlyura’s government is a forerunner of the Bolshevik government and foresees possibility of the Moscow-Berlin-Kiev combination. Petlyura is reported conducting negotiations with Allies. French Consul Henot at Odessa in name Allies supported Skoropadski and other extremely reactionary elements preceding fall of Kiev.

  1. Ataman of the Orenburg Cossacks.