File No. 861.00/3541

The Minister in Rumania (Vopicka) to the Secretary of State


23. Referring to my telegram of December 13 [19], 5 p.m., No. 17, I beg to add that this morning a committee of Ukrainians, representing public organizations which are most influential, called on me and stated that Petlyura does not lead the Bolshevik army as is reported, but the republican army, which is fighting for independence of Ukrainia against Hetman Skoropadski, who favors the federation system for Russia. They, however, stated that also reformed Bolsheviks joined this republican army. They claim that Ukrainians should have the right to regulate themselves, and this right should be recognized by the Allies. They make also a positive statement that they will eradicate Bolshevism in Ukrainia themselves. I shall investigate this new important movement fully and report later.