File No. 861.00/3283

The Ambassador in France ( Sharp ) to the Secretary of State


6008. The following telegram has been received from Allied Ministers at Jassy dated November 21:

Referring to our telegram 804 as complementary to the telegram sent on the 18th of last November.1 We consider it extremely urgent to inform you [1] that the Ukrainian chauvinists have started a rebellion in the district of Kiev, in which in addition to a small number of national elements bands of anarchists and Bolshevist elements have also engaged less numbers; [2] that this rebellion presents a danger which is the more considerable, in that the disintegration of the Austro-German troops is complete, that the outbreak in the country of the Bolshevist army which has been effected locally may rapidly become general; (3) that the Bolshevist troops threaten especially the Ukrainian northern frontier which may consequently have as its next result the breaking of the line of communication between the Ukraine and the Don; (4) that in case of the realization of this menace the coal fields of the Don with all its wealth indispensable for transport, as well as its metallurgic factories and its very considerable military stores, will fall into the hands of the Bolsheviks, which might entail the complete control of the Bolsheviks over the whole of Ukrainia.

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We think that it is urgent to take the following measures:

Immediately send inter-Allied troops even in small numbers to Odessa and to proceed immediately with the occupation of Kiev and Kharkov;
To make a special and exact declaration setting forth the firm decision of the Allies to support these elements of order in Russia;
To warn the German Government that the Allies will hold the German troops responsible for any disturbances in which they may participate, either by the sale or the delivery of arms to the rebels or by preventing the groups of Russian officers who are maintaining order to seize and to use the arms stored at Kiev.

Failure to [of] effect[ive] and speedy intervention for the suppression of the rebellion with numerous forces and without delay would necessitate later on the use of perhaps larger forces and a regular campaign of several months.

  1. Not printed.