File No. 861.00/2495

The Consul at Moscow (Poole) to the Secretary of State1


Observer who left Crimea July 10 reports in substance as follows: Independent Crimean government comprises peninsula only. Population 600,000. Government organized by Germans and headed by General Sulkevich, Mohammedan and monarchist. Cadet leaders have withdrawn from cabinet. Despite wish of the majority of inhabitants of the peninsula for union with Ukraine with reservation of large autonomous rights, friction has developed between Crimea and Ukraine through tactlessness of Sulkevich and has resulted in prohibition of all exports from the latter into the former, making available for Central powers grain from Ukrainian districts which formerly fed Crimea.

Troops apparently from western and Ukrainian front and also Turks and Bulgarians moving through Crimea for Poti, Tiflis, and Baku. As in the Ukraine, these troops are draining country of all supplies. In Sevastopol is commission of representatives of Quadruple Alliance having as object division of what remains of former Black Sea Fleet. Repair work on warships being rushed, repairs on harbor progressing rapidly. Average of ten boats of small capacity leaving daily with cargoes livestock and fats. Ukrainian government in June addressed note to German representative at Kiev urging inclusion of Crimea in Ukrainia, economic, political, and ethnographic grounds.

  1. Sent via the Legation in Norway.