File No. 861.00/2187

The Consul at Moscow (Poole) to the Secretary of State


644. Following is summary of provisions of truce signed June 12 by Russian and Ukrainian delegates at Kiev:

Military activities along entire front are stopped during period of peace negotiations.
Nationals of contracting parties are allowed to return to their respective states with their property with exception of merchandise, interest-bearing papers, and valuables; cash to be taken limited to 10,000 rubles for head of family and 2,000 rubles for each member with maximum of 20,000 for family. Additional 80,000 may be transferred if resulting from sale of property. Both contracting parties have right to limit and stop import and export of foreign currency.
Commission of representatives of both states will be formed to transfer gradually from Russia to Ukrainian railways rolling stock taken from Ukraine. Postal, telegraphic, and passenger communication will be reestablished simultaneously with fulfilment of above provisions of this paragraph.
Both states on basis of reciprocity will establish their representatives, commissars, and consuls. The Russian and Ukrainian Red Cross Societies shall facilitate journey to their respective states of prisoners of war who are citizens of either state.
Committee shall be formed within one week to regulate requests for and exchange of merchandise.
Both states shall immediately consider terms of peace.