File No. 861.00/1812

The Minister in Sweden (Morris) to the Secretary of State


2120. Swedish press reports from Petrograd Foreign Commissariat sent Ukrainian Foreign Minister following telegram:

Russian Government accepts proposal German Government to open peace negotiations with Ukraine at Kiev on express condition that couriers, experts, peace delegates of Soviet government be permitted pass frontier freely and that Russian Government granted sole right use direct telegraph line to Kiev.

Answer of Vasilenko, Ukrainian Foreign Minister, transmitted to peace delegation Soviet at Kiev follows:

Have honor inform you (1) that Ukrainian government has [no] objection in principle to armistice between Russian fronts, must however first communicate with German high command; (2) measures will immediately be taken in Ukraine with view establishing direct telegraph line Moscow, Kiev via Kursk for exclusive use Russian peace delegation; (3) measures shall be taken for establishment direct railway between Kiev, Kursk as also for restoration railway Korenevo [-Belopolie?]; four railway cars for forty passengers will be placed disposal Russian peace delegation and accommodations secured; (5) upon agreement and cooperation with German high command troops will protect railway to Kiev and also Russian delegation in city; (6) meeting should begin May 22.