File No. 861.00/1778

The Minister in Sweden ( Morris ) to the Secretary of State


2059. Swedish press reports from Petrograd. Soviet government has ordered local Soviets in districts bordering upon Ukraine: (1) that disarmament troops belonging to republics in south is effected whenever they cross border of Soviet republic; (2) that German-Ukrainian high command is immediately notified thereof through negotiators who shall demand that military operations be discontinued and that demarcation line be drawn; (3) that all measures towards mobilization and counteraction are carried out to utmost in event Germany, Ukrainia disregard these steps and continue their advance thereby bringing war operations to territory Soviet republic.

Secretary Russian peace delegation Zaitsev on Soviet’s behalf concluded armistice with German high command at Korenevo, May 5 [4], regarding part of Kursk. With view to extending armistice to Belgorod and Bryansk fronts Zaitsev went to Vorozhba where Ukrainian delegation staying. Chairman Russian delegation Rakovski stated negotiations been delayed through events in Ukraine. Armistice been concluded for indefinite time to enable peace negotiations begun and affects only German front, no Ukrainian representative having participated. It comprises territory ten kilometers depth, German demarcation line running from Sudzha to Korenevo-Rylsk and enters into force May 5 to allow ample time notify operating forces both parties. Conditions will be discussed at Konotop, where peace negotiations will be conducted.

General Schwarz, supreme commander Petrograd, has declared Petrograd confronted by no direct menace at present and no reason for alarm for population. All measures defense taken against possible attack from Finland, some minor fighting having occurred between Finnish Reds and Whites at Beloostrov. Either group shall be disarmed if cross Russian frontier. Ino Fort not given up and rumors regarding attempts to blow up fort unfounded.

With authorization German high command in Finland Russian torpedo boats and several warships have returned Petrograd, those [Page 687] seeking leave Helsingfors without permission being brought back by Germans.

Reports from Moscow via Reuter:1

German Government notified Chicherin, Foreign Commissary, owing change government Ukrainian peace delegation appointed to conduct peace negotiations Kursk must undergo thorough revision. Political situation having changed, German Government wishes peace negotiations be at Kiev where Russian Government should send delegates.

  1. Reuter’s news agency.