File No. 861.00/1763

The Minister in the Netherlands ( Garrett ) to the Secretary of State


2514. Referring my 2497, May 8.1 Vorwärts, 7th. In Reichstag committee Ebert complained of entirely inadequate reports published of debates on affairs in Ukrainia claiming they only misled public all more so since censor forbade any reports on action against [Page 684] Rada. Committee then voted to raise injunction of secrecy on debates. Scheidemann read following official Ukrainian report dated April 26 in committee:

Yesterday at 4 o’clock afternoon building in which central Rada sits was surrounded by men in uniform of German officers and soldiers, and members of central Rada as well as members of government who were assembled for session of Rada were searched and arrested. Those present were ordered hold up their hands. Treatment was rough and discourteous. Protest of president of central Rada, Professor Hrushevski, against arrest of members of parliament in parliament building was disregarded. More than this brachial force was used against Professor Hrushevski during search. All private papers and documents of central Rada were taken away from Professor Hrushevski. Search lasted three and half hours. Without any warrants of any sort being shown following ministers were arrested: Minister of Interior, Tkachenko; Minister of Foreign Affairs, Lubinski; Minister of War, Zhukovski; and Director of Political Administrative Department, Kayevski. German Minister, Baron Mumm, was informed of what had happened and asked whether case was known to him. As representative of state friendly towards Ukrainia, Minister was requested to inform German Government. Ukrainian government filed decided protest against such conduct with German Minister and pointed out serious consequences to which interference might lead. German Minister promised inform his Government of event and remarked that what had taken place in central Rada was unknown to him. At 8.30 in evening Ukrainian Minister President was notified by German Consul General that statement of Ukrainian government had been transmitted to Berlin. Other members of central Rada and government protested similarly against this interference in internal affairs of the republic, against violation of constitution of international law and usages of nations. Report spread like lightning throughout Ukrainia. Disorders are reported from various localities, so that country is threatened with anarchy.

Scheidemann closed his speech with advising Government not to continue to play part of figurehead. If it were not in agreement with occurrences in east openly leave responsibility to those who are to blame.

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