File No. 861.00/1607

The Ambassador in France ( Sharp ) to the Secretary of State


3635. Joint telegram from Allied Ministers dated Jassy, April (?):

According to reliable information the situation in Ukrainia, and especially at Odessa, is as follows:

(1) Ukrainia is completely cut off from all communication with Russia; (2) native officials are gradually being replaced by Austro-German officials; (3) German and Austrian money is in forced circulation; (4) orders have been given to arrest all officers of the Entente who may be found in Ukrainia in the future (we are informed that our officers have already left Ukrainia); (5) domiciliary visits have been made to the houses of consuls at Odessa with the view of billeting Austro-German officers; (6) there is a rumor that the Austro-Germans intend to dissolve the Rada at Kiev and to install a German Government.

In fine Ukrainia is in process of transformation into a German colony.