File No. 861.00/1110

The Consul at Vladivostok ( Caldwell ) to the Secretary of State


Peking requests I transmit copy of the following telegram sent Legation by Major Drysdale:

February 15, 2 p.m. Probable German agents inciting Bolsheviks and labor organizations and for purchase supplies for Germans. Prisoners of war being released. Their organization possible menace [Page 48] Allied interests. Advise financial assistance to organization of Zabaikal Cossacks under Semenov and Ussuri Cossacks under Mendrin [Kalmykov?] as railway guard with Ustrugov 1 as head. Necessary expenditures to be supervised. These forces if assisted financially will have little difficulty in controlling zone of railway from Vladivostok to Karymskaya thus insuring protection Allied interests. American, British, and French Consuls Vladivostok and Harbin all advise some such effort necessary. I can see no probability of explanation [compromising] our interests by such a move and our interests certainly would be protected thereby. If scheme of financial assistance approved my return Harbin necessary immediately. Please advise me United States Consulate at Vladivostok. Drysdale.

  1. L. A. Ustrugov, formerly Assistant Minister of Ways of Communication under Kerensky; Feb. 9, 1918, Minister of Ways of Communication in the provisional Siberian government.