File No. 861.00/768

The Minister in Sweden (Morris) to the Secretary of State


1134. Russian Ambassador, Rome, telegraphed following information which he received from Russian Minister, Teheran, to Russian Minister here:

Civil and military authorities in Caucasus have not recognized Bolsheviki and have sent special mission to Teheran to open negotiations with Allies through British Legation there. Principal subject these negotiations is obtain funds to continue war. In Tiflis national socialist government been set up which will stay until legal government is restored and order reestablished throughout Russia. Head of this government is Gegechkori who stands between Cadets and Mensheviks and is supported by Tseretelli and Cheidze. Latter was president of Soviets during early days of revolution. They are trying establish military line between Caucasus and Kaledin in order fight Bolsheviki.