File No. 861.00/683

The Consul at Tiflis (Smith) to the Secretary of State


Having no communication or news from Petrograd or Moscow. Baku in the control of the Maximalists. Have advised sending troops to locality [to put down?] this uprising. Situation throughout district can be kept in hand for another week or ten days when financial crisis owing to lack currency by the government and private banks will precipitate serious disorders among troops and population. [Important to check?] this rebellion at all cost. Only available means owing to urgency and lack some legal means of printing paper currency lies in purchase and import large amount rubles now in Persia. If it is desired to keep this section of Russia and Russian front loyal to the Allies this delay should be met at once by depositing $10,000,000 London or New York immediately for the purpose above mentioned, purchase rubles made through me, Paddock,1 and American mission, Persia. Also I or other American officials should be instructed to check expenditures. Elections for Russian Constituent Assembly continuing. Members for this district will convene here if assembly will not be called together Petrograd. Strong determination on the part of leaders and majority population not submit to Maximalist government and separate peace tendency; to unite with British colors and Southern federation and continue the war in case of separate peace. The advantage to be gained by the Allies of holding the line Ural Mountains, Volga, Don Basin, grain, coal, petroleum resources of all Russia obvious and would give nucleus for the army [through?] which loyal Russians could greatly add to German difficulties and keep German army with little additional resources [occupied] on eastern front and with riotous starving mobs to deal with. Please instruct by cable via London, Bombay, urgent. I am in close touch and working unanimously with representatives of the Provisional Government, political leaders, and military.

  1. Gordon Paddock, Consul at Tabriz.