File No. 861.00/3226

The Ambassador in Russia (Francis) to the Secretary of State


548. Durov and Samarin replaced yesterday on order of President Chaikovski by temporary appointees, namely Rear Admiral, Vikorst, formerly commander of division of northern Russian fleet, and Lieutenant Colonel Zilinski, formerly General Staff. President to-day stated had cabled General Miller, well-known Russian general in Borne, inviting him to come and accept place in government but as yet no time for reply; also that General Marushevski supposedly en route here from Stockholm and that with the assistance of General Ironside all difficulties with newly formed mobilized Russian troops would be peacefully liquidated to-day.

Mobilization in Onega and Shenkursk districts postponed a few days.

The President stated that he had requested Tereshchenko to remain here and work with him in the government but that the latter stated the time had not yet arrived for a member of Kerensky government to come forward.

He stated in private conversation that he had informed Chaikovski that he did not find his policy sufficiently vigorous and that he expected to telegraph in this sense to the Omsk government upon his arrival in Stockholm.

President stated that he had cabled Omsk acknowledging subordination of provisional government of the northern region to the authority of Omsk all-Russian government. Tereshchenko expects to leave to-morrow night for Stockholm.