File No. 861.00/3070

The Ambassador in Russia (Francis) to the Secretary of State


525. President received October 26 cable from Omsk October 19, signed by Avksentiev, President of the all-Russian government, and saying that Allies requested a statement from Archangel provisional government of recognition and subordination to the all-Russian government, Omsk. The President has addressed a communication to me as Dean, saying provisional government placed before the representatives of the Allied powers the following declaration:

Provisional government of northern Russia hereby declares that considering unselfish northern region of Russia an inalienable part in the all-Russian state and recognizing as the sovereign authority of this state the government elected by a conference of members of the Constituent Assembly at Ufa, having its seat now at Omsk, and presided over by N. D. Avksentiev, it expresses its willingness to obey directly communicated orders of this sovereign Russian authority until the next all-Russian Constituent Assembly be called together.

Chiefs of American, British, French, Italian missions received this and made no objection thereto. Marshall [missions?] took no formal action thereon, personally expressing approval of declaration.

This cable came through the United States (proper?) [in?] Russian without relay; can you communicate with all-Russian government Omsk? Have we representatives there?2

  1. Answered, Nov. 2, that message was being transmitted through the Vice Consul at Omsk.