File No. 861.00/3002

The Ambassador in Russia ( Francis ) to the Secretary of State


497. Tereshchenko 2 arrived 18th incognito, dined with me last evening alone; has been exclusively in Norway since released from [Page 561] prison about the middle of March; comes as a courier from Russian Minister at Stockholm to the provisional government here, also Omsk government. Chaikovski requested him to come to Archangel but he left Stockholm before receiving message. I consider Tereshchenko patriotic Russian, supporting our policy. He plans, if impossible to go to Omsk direct, to go via the United States and I have assured him visa.

He gives me first information about the formation in London of a Russo-British organization with a capital of £300,000,000 for exploit[ation] northern Russia, especially Pechora district, and colonizing same with Irish. Buchanan, former British Ambassador, Russia, vice chairman. Tereshchenko objects to scheme as I do.

Please inform me when replies received [on proposals] to Allies mentioned in your 193 [1953], October 11.1

Martyushin, former Minister of Finance, sovereign government, tendered same position provisional government but declined and will sail for United States on direct steamer within ten days; is a representative of cooperatives authorized to arrange exchange of Russian products for our manufactures. Intended going via England but the President and myself induced him to go direct to America. I am giving him a letter to War Trade Board, copy to the Department. He speaks Russian only.

  1. Michael I. Tereshchenko, from March to May 1917, Russian Minister of Finance; from May to November, Minister of Foreign Affairs.
  2. To the Ambassador in Great Britain; see vol. iii, p. 147, footnote 1.