File No. 861.00/2943

The Ambassador in Russia ( Francis ) to the Secretary of State


478. Attentive cleared with Poole and Colonels Thornhill, Banters, and Grimes; consented to wait until 16th if I would [go] but I informed Kemp and Poole early 12th that I would not. Poole asked Chaikovski for a letter which I thought indicated need for support in order to return. General Ironside is in command. Can not we arrange that an American general command Allied forces here? The British are feared, disliked, Americans welcomed fraternizing with Russians.

Municipal elections yesterday resulted 32 socialists, 26 bourgeoisie, two Jews. Political conditions very sensitive. If British policy dominates will drive many socialists to Bolshevism which will be, I repeat, a menace to well-regulated government everywhere if not eradicated. Russian vessel arriving from Pechora reports intercepted radios from Ukraine stating German soldiery mutinied, embraced Bolshevism, captured Kharkov and allied with Russian Bolsheviks. This was told me by Chaikovski who nearly embraced me when I told him I am not leaving.